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B2B Marketing

What’s holding you back?

You need to keep growing. But even the best-run businesses can hit brick walls.

At MathMarketing, we know the B2B marketing and sales game cold. We live and breathe the battles you face every day.

And we’ve perfected a world-leading methodology for planning, aligning and driving marketing and sales actions that has helped thousands of clients deliver their numbers big time.

Why not tell us who you are, and we’ll show you how we can help?


Leading B2B brand looking to improve return on marketing?


Mature B2B company looking for new growth?


Small-to-medium B2B business that wants to grow faster?


We draw on the deep experience of 400 projects, 16 years, and five continents to help your businesses accelerate its growth. Our core expertise is aligning the activities of Sales and B2B marketing to the way businesses buy, and we support this expertise with our core methodology, Funnel Logic, and a range of proven B2B marketing solutions.

Whether we are working with you to rebuild your entire sales and marketing process, ramp your skills, or write a white paper, our accredited B2B marketing consultants begin with a plan. We analyse your sales funnel and your prospects’ buying cycle before building you a blisteringly clear B2B sales and marketing plan (we call it a ‘Funnel Plan’) that guides your every move.

We’ll then help you execute your plan with tailored B2B marketing solutions:

  • If you’re a mature company with established processes like Australia Post, Transfield and Brambles, we’ll work with you to define and embed contemporary processes in your sales and marketing plan that generate substantially improved revenues.
  • If you’re a leading brand like IBM, ANZ, SAP, Cisco or CA Technologies, we’ll help you to lift the skills of your teams with specialised B2B marketing training and sales training.
  • And if you’re a fast growing businesses from the BRW Fast 100 or Deloitte’s Fast 50 lists (e.g. Connective, Combo, Terra Firma, Emersion) we will build a plan to lock that growth in. Then we’ll support your Sales with enablement (collateral and sales tools), and your Marketing with execution (lists, white papers, web copy, emails, blogs, social media). Our marketing services can support your Marketing Department, build you a new one, or become it, as you wish.

MathMarketing gives your business a clear B2B marketing plan and the skills to execute.

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